The best views overlooking the slopes from huge windows.
2beds+2sofa beds can accommodate up to 4people.



Consisting of two rooms and a private mini kitchen, this option is spacious and you can spend an elegant time looking out the windows. 4beds + 2sofa beds can accommodate up to 6people.Equipped with toilet,shower room,and mini kitchen.

共有キッチン/Shared Kitchen

"豪”に宿泊するゲスト専用の共有キッチンが24時間ご利用いただけます。基本的な調理用具が揃っているので、食材を持ち込んでの滞在も可能です。 A shared kitchen exclusively for guests staying in -GOU- is available 24hours. Basic cooking utensils (equipment) are available, so you can bring your own food.



Equipped with facilities to enjoy winter sports in the best condition,such as shared kitchen,shared dinning, and drying room.

Comfortable snow play and elegant stay


-GOU- is prepared for custmers who want to spend time is a quieter environment. In the shared dining room, guests can interact with each other.

Snow sports

スキー場直結というロケーションにより時間にゆとりのある滞在が約束されます。 用具を置ける乾燥室も完備されています。 The slope side location guarantees a relaxing stay. There is also drying room where gear can be placed.


スノーモービルやスノーシュートレッキングなど、スキースノーボード以外の楽しみも充実しております。There are plenty of other fun activities besides skiing and snowboarding, such as snowmobiles and snowshoe trecking.

After skiing

共有ダイニングで、他のお部屋に滞在されているお客様同士の交流も可能です。共通の趣味があれば、国籍問わずみんな仲良くなれるでしょう。The shared dining area also allows you to interact with other guests staying in other rooms. If you have a common hobby, everyone can get regardless of nationality.


スタンダードルームでも約30㎡のお部屋面積があり、ゆったりと滞在が可能です。お部屋の大きな窓からはスキー場を一望できることも大きな魅力です。ささやかながらウェルカムドリンクも用意させて頂いております。Even the standard room has a room area of about 30 square meters, so you can relax comfortably. The large windows offer amazing views of the ski slopes and falling snow. We have small welcome drink.


また、豪の宿泊者は無料で何度でもげとう高原温泉がご利用いただけます。All rooms are equipped with shower and toilets. In addition, GOU guests can use the GetoKogen Onsen as many times as they like for free.

Free WiFi

施設内では無料でWiFiがご利用頂けます。Free WiFi is available on site.


共有キッチンもご利用頂けますが、ご予約頂ければレストラン兎森にて朝食と夕食をご用意させて頂きます(有料オプション)You can use the shared kitchen, but if you make a reservation, we will prepare breakfast and dinner at Usagimori Restaurant(paid option)

Hot springs

豪宿泊者は無料でげとう高原温泉をご利用いただけます。外へ出ることなく館内移動で温泉まで行けます。GOU guests can use the GetokogenOnsen free of charge. You can access the hot spring within the jurisdiction without going outside.


スキー場の売店施設以外でも、共有キッチン内では無人の販売冷蔵庫があります。お酒やおつまみなどもこちらでお求め頂けます。Apart from our shop, there is an unmanned vending refrigerator in the shared kitchen. You can also buy alcohol and snacks here.

Room cleaning

有料オプションで、滞在期間中のルームクリーニングを承ります。Room cleaning during your stay is available as a paid option.

Luggage storage service

大きな荷物は宅急便サービスを使ってスキー場で発送受け取りができます。また、チェックイン前やチェックアウト後のお荷物預かりサービスもございます。Large luggage can be sent and received at the ski resort using Takkyu-bin(postal service) service. There is also a luggage storage service before check-in nd after check-out.


夏油高原スキー場の無料シャトルバスをご利用頂けます。館内移動で直ぐにバス停まで行けます。You can use the free shuttle bus between Getou Kogen Resort and Kitakami station. The bus stop is located directly out side the exit near the top of the escalator.